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Portable Storage Shed Beige (8'x12')

A portable storage shed beige (8'x12') with a 4 ft. single door that can be used for storage around the house or apartment. If you have a garden or little farm, you can have a place for all your tools under cover.

This shed is sold. Please call to order or for any questions: 570-739-2772
Inventory Shed #: HUT-A13199-812-123022-SP
Portable Storage Shed Beige (8'x12')

Portable Storage Shed Size:

8' Wide x 12' Long

Shed Roof Color:

Charcoal Metal

Storage Shed Siding Color:

Beige Paint

Portable Storage Shed Trim Color:

Barn White Paint

Shed Siding Type:

LP SmartPanel 3/8"

Brown Floor Type:

Engineered Panels T&G 5/8"

Portable Shed Openings:

4 Ft. Single Door
Floor Joists:
16" on Center Floor Joists
Diamond plate edge protector on shed floor
Inside Portable Storage Shed Beige (8'x12')
Looking out four foot door of shed
Charcoal Metal Shed Roof
Back view of Portable Storage Shed Beige (8'x12')
This shed is sold. Please call to order: 570-739-2772 & delivery is free within 30 miles!

Call: 570-739-2772

Call Us Today!
2 Kiehners Road
Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972
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