LazerZ X-Series
* 48,” 52,” 60” or 72” full-floating UltraCut Series 6 cutting deck
* Kohler Command Pro V-Twin or Kawasaki V-Twin engines
* Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), propane, or traditional carbureted engine options
* Speeds up to 11.5 mph forward and 7 mph reverse
* Heavy-duty steel frame design and canister air filtration system
The Exmark Lazer Z X-Series is available with 48” – 72” full-floating UltraCut™ Series 6 cutting decks allowing you to mow up to 8.4 acres per hour. The Lazer Z X-Series is powered by Kohler® Command™ Pro V-Twin or Kawasaki® V-Twin engines allowing for speeds up to 11.5 mph. The Lazer Z X-Series also features an Exmark exclusive Parker unitized pump and wheel motor system with no hoses, integrated cooling fans, and an integrated reservoir for improved performance and reduced maintenance.
Engine: Kohler® Command™/Kawasaki V-Twin
Deck Lift: Standard; foot-controlled deck lift changes cutting height and lifts the deck to maneuver around obstacles, or place in transport position.
Speed: Infinitely variable speed selection from 0–11.5 mph (18.4 kmph) forward, 0–7 mph (11.2 kmph) reverse
Width: 48" - 52" - 60" - 72"
Curb Weight: 1116 lbs. - 1292 lbs.
PTO Engagement: MagStop Electromagnetic 250-ft-lbs clutch with spot brake
Blades: 3 Blades at 16.25" Length/3 Blades at 18.00" Length/3 Blades at 20.50" Length/3 Blades at 24.50" Length
Blade-Tip Speed: Approximately 18,500 fpm.
Fuel Capacity: High-capacity, 12-gallon, single fuel tank with single fill location.
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